DIY Electronic Derailleur on Instructable

I've posted an Instructable showing how to build and install an electronic derailleur. If you like this project please vote on the Instructables page. This has nothing to do with my bike computer and is meant for people who enjoy building stuff themselves. A more complete and finished product including my bike computer is in the works. For … Continue reading DIY Electronic Derailleur on Instructable

Open source Bluetooth 4 breakout board means no more Mi-Fi

Update: Project is posted on github One thing I always need for my hardware projects whether I'm working on sensors for the home or a fitness device is a low power, cross platform and affordable wireless module. I've used HopeRF modules like the RMF22B for their affordability and low power capabilities, but because they don't use any standard wireless … Continue reading Open source Bluetooth 4 breakout board means no more Mi-Fi

Weekend Project: = + Pinterest

Update: Source code on Github Introducing A way to share all of your likes and favorites from across the web. You can think of it like except with your 'likes' from various social networks embedded on a Pinterest style page. Planned Improvements Infinite scroll, more services, pop out images for a larger view, user thumbnails, personal pages, … Continue reading Weekend Project: = + Pinterest

Home Energy Prototypes

Web Interface Version 1 with a Google look and feel Here are some of my home energy prototypes. Wireless Temperature Sensor Wireless temperature sensor with attiny45 This wireless temperature sensor has Sparkfun's basic 315MHz wireless transmitter, an ATtiny45, LM335A temperature sensor and a 12mm battery holder. This device lasted a couple of weeks by disabling the … Continue reading Home Energy Prototypes

Programming the STM32F4 DISCOVERY with the Bus Blaster

In my last post I talked about how to set up a toolchain on OSX. In this post I will show you how to program and debug the Discovery board using open source hardware and software. The Discovery board supports ARM's new two wire SWD serial debug port and 6 wire JTAG port. ST provides … Continue reading Programming the STM32F4 DISCOVERY with the Bus Blaster