OBD2 Reader

Implementation of the reference design for the STN1110 with an added Bluetooth module. The project schematics and layout are available on github along with example python scripts to read automotive diagnostics data. It is also supported by most ODB2 software for Android like Torque. Read more

OBD-2 Testing Update

I finished testing the OBD-II adaptor board this week on a Toyota Camry. As you can see in the picture the board had a few bad connections, but nothing that couldn’t be fixed with a few jumpers. I was able to get a number of stats from the free Torque Android app like Throttle position…

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OBD-2 Build Update

I finally finished assembling the OBD-2 board yesterday. It has taken a while because I’ve been working on an exciting web app for hardware engineers, which will be launching in a few days. I will continue to update the schematics on github, but I don’t recommend building version 1.0. There are a couple of layout and…

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Bluetooth OBD-II Adapter

Update: Here is the git repo A couple of weeks ago my Dad and I were trouble shooting the cause of a check engine light on our 2000 Toyota Camry. Using an off the shelf OBD-II reader we got a warning about the EGR system. After trying every test in the book we came up…

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