Weekend Project: Likelist.ca = About.me + Pinterest

Update: Source code on Github Introducing http://www.likelist.ca. A way to share all of your likes and favorites from across the web. You can think of it like about.me except with your 'likes' from various social networks embedded on a Pinterest style page. Planned Improvements Infinite scroll, more services, pop out images for a larger view, user thumbnails, personal pages, … Continue reading Weekend Project: Likelist.ca = About.me + Pinterest

Weekend Project: Optimize your cell phone plan (Canada Only)

Note: This is a very basic prototype and it not meant for consumers at this point and the pricing for the plans are not current. I built a simple web service that compares Canadian cellphone plans. It can be found at http://cellgauge.alwaysdata.net. Just upload a previous bill from Rogers, Bell or Fido and get a recommendation on … Continue reading Weekend Project: Optimize your cell phone plan (Canada Only)